We exist to

Live the love of Jesus in the climbing community

through local CFC communities, partnerships & climbing events

The Vision of Climbers for Christ

is that every climber around the world will have the opportunity to experience and follow Jesus Christ.

Our ministry


As climbers, we are part of a distinct people group who enjoy challenging ourselves on the rocks and in the mountains, and we naturally develop strong connections with one another through shared experiences. [Matt. 28:19-20]

Centered on the gospel message

We believe that the good news of the gospel offers hope for all people, and it connects us to the amazing God of the universe in a personal way. [John 3:16]


The most effective way that we can share the reason for the hope we have is by intentionally developing meaningful and supportive relationships, where we honor and serve others. [1 Thess. 2:8]


Because we have experienced the unconditional love of Christ, we are compelled to share it through meaningful, personal connections [2 Cor. 5:14]

How We Do Community

We believe that the best way to help climbers experience and follow Jesus is through real relationships. Our outreach efforts aim to build real & lasting connections that lead to sincere faith conversations.

We have volunteers who work as local contacts, chapter coordinators, and regional directors who help facilitate connection in local climbing communities.

Local, Jesus-following folks are the foundation of our community and we’re excited to support you as you champion the building of authentic communities where climbers can be themselves. Climbers for Christ is intentional about creating an atmosphere conducive to conversations and experiences related to climbing AND Jesus.

As our motto goes, we try ‘climb hard’, but we always work to ‘love harder’.¬†